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Agile Project Management Welcome to Agile Project Management.net

Agile project management is an approach to software development that helps teams react to the instability of that process through incremental, iterative work cycles, called sprints. But prior to examining agile project management in specific terms, let’s back up and consider the dominant project management paradigm that preceded it: waterfall, or traditional sequential development.

Agile project management is not an extension of waterfall, but a reaction to it and couldn’t have existed without waterfall. In 1970, Dr. Winston Royce presented “Managing the Development of Large Software Systems,” a paper that introduced waterfall to the project management community. Royce stated that building software could be done with an assembly line approach, much like car manufacturing, in which each piece can be added in sequence without revisiting previous phases.

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Recent News

An Assessment of Agility

Members of my company‘s consulting team recently went on site at a medium-sized financial organization to take a look at how well they were doing Scrum, and provide a path for improvement. They conducted this in the context of a formal Agile Assessment. I thought the approach was interesting, and it might be useful to share it here. The team conducted interviews and made observations in 5 unique areas –

• Value delivery
• Agile engineering
• Project Management
• Product management
• Environment and Organizational Culture

The investigation also took input on the demographics of the individual project being examined, the stakeholders involved and the competitive/regulatory environment in which the organization as a whole operates. Understanding the context in which an organization operates is crucial to understanding the optimal level of Agility, and thus, the plan of action. Understanding the goals of the organization is particularly important. Not every axis needs to be top-ranked to achieve the company’s goals. In fact, on this particular assessment we found that only one needed urgent attention – Project Management. More on this later.

By the way, the company uses ScrumWorks Pro as its Agile Project Management tool.

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From the Blog


Reviews in Project Management are Required

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Agile Project Management Software

When agile project management techniques were first developed, they were created with small, collocated teams in mind. But in today's global economy, it's increasingly common for development teams to be spread across multiple locations. Often this means that members of a team work in different time zones or continents, but, even when teams are only spread out over several floors of a single office building, some of manual agile's benefits are compromised. Agile project management software, however, can help overcome geographically dispersed teams and bring them together for high-impact collaboration.

Agile Project Management Training

Agile project management is so different from traditional management practices that it's often helpful for teams to attend agile training. Many vendors offer agile training through regularly scheduled courses, held in cities worldwide, as well as on-site, embedded coaching to help teams address their organization's specific impediments. Agile project management training empowers teams to thrive in an agile development environment. These courses help individuals develop a strong understanding of agile's principles and processes as well as the advantages it poses over traditional project management.

Collabnet is a project success company specializing in the improvement of management and engineering practices for software development organizations.
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Agile Tools

The next generation of agile project management.
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Agile Training

Offering several training options on software process improvement. Our agile project management courses are designed to provide your organization with a foundation in the principles and skills necessary to benefit from Agile methods. Classes are offered both as public and private in-house sessions.
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